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That because for many Americans, their home is their biggest if not only investment. And that investment is doing well, regardless of the stock market struggles. Home prices nationwide are nearly back to peak levels from before the Great Recession, and they already at a record in San Francisco and several other cities..

Living in a condominium means sharing space, including a building’s entrances, elevators, hallways and parking lots.While those common spaces can be important for interactions between neighbours, they can also create security issues, as residents don’t always know who else is in their building.Cst. Dale Brenneis, an officer with Edmonton Police Service’s Collaborative Policing Unit, helps run a program that brings crime prevention techniques to buildings throughout the city, called The Crime Free Multi cheap jerseys Housing Program.The program mainly targets rental buildings, but condos and townhomes cheap nfl jerseys can also participate, and about a quarter of the properties that are certified are seniors housing.The Crime Free Multi Housing Program consists of three phases, including a two day seminar for site owners or managers, a building inspection, and organizing a safety social for residents.Below, Brenneis offers his advice on keeping your condo safe.Know Your Neighbours”It’s important to know who is living in the building,” Brenneis said.While apartment building owners often have an outside manager wholesale nba jerseys who can wholesale nba jerseys conduct background checks on new tenants, Brenneis said that’s not always the case with condos.Buildings that are certified through the Crime Free Multi Housing Program must have a diligent application process, including thoroughly screening each applicant using credit checks, employment checks, and contacting at least two to three previous landlords.Another requirement is that the building manager or property owner must host a ’safety social’ with residents every two years.Police attend the social and advise residents about the program and provide personal safety tips on how to protect themselves and their building.Even if your building doesn’t participate in the program, you can help keep your condo safe by getting to know your neighbours. Knowing what’s normal activity for your cheap jerseys building can help you recognize situations that seem out of place or suspicious.Don’t name names”Never put your first name on the tenant directory board,” Brenneis advises.

Duties are high on imported cars throughout Asia, but in Singapore, it in a different league entirely. Aside from high prices, high road taxes, maintenance fees, petrol and parking charges, all discourage potential drivers from getting the roads too congested. A BMW 320i sedan, for example, costs S$223,800 ($162,220), whereas a Certificate of Entitlement (which allows a person to own a car) can top S$60,000 ($43,500) for a 10 year permit.

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